Grants and Contracts Office

The Grants and Contracts Office monitors and supports implementation of all sponsored research projects, from the time these projects are conceived, through entire project life cycles, until the time when these projects are eventually closed. The office reviews and coordinates the sponsored project proposals, and leads negotiations towards successful grants or contract awards or amendments, including any sub-awards and subcontracts. The roles also include coordination of contract negotiations involving multiple parties. The grants and contracts team regularly provide support to project leaders and researchers, while also ensuring that the researchers adhere to relevant regulations governing research. Finally, the office works with researchers to assess the potential financial and social value of all intellectual property rights associated with all research conducted in IHI and advice on appropriate steps that safeguard the interest of IHI and maximizes the societal gains from the intellectual property, while maintaining IHI’s relations with funding partners.

Specific objectives and activities of the Grants and Contracts Officers include:

  1. Integrating the essential roles of the grants and contracts office with relevant functions within finance, administration and research divisions;
  2. Establishing measures to secure potential future social and economic value of IHI-generated intellectual property;
  3. Establishing guidelines to streamline processes for grant application, reviews and approvals both at thematic group and at institutional level;
  4. Establishing guidelines to ensure all research done in all departments meet relevant national and international regulations governing health research.
  5. Improving engagement and relations with all funding and research partners
  6. Establishing continuous monitoring and evaluation of all research grants and contracts to ensure effective delivery and high quality

Key Contacts:

Zawadi Mageni

Catherine Ringo

Mwajabu Hamis

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