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Vacancy: Environmental Scientist required (1 post)

(Dar es Salaam, July 23 2019) IHI is looking for an experienced Environmental Scientist with analytical chemistry skills to join the Bohemia project team around November/December this year. Please note …

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IHI is sub-Awardee to the Afrique One-ASPIRE grant funded by Wellcome Trust under the partnership with the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA).
The Afrique One consortium has developed a procedure manual, which will be updated to include an enhanced financial operating system (Figure 3). CSRS will be the main grant holder, including a bank account operating in Pounds Sterling, from which funding will be disbursed to the other core institutions leading the TTPs and East African training hub. Each core institution will hold a separate account related to the programme, which will be managed by individual institutions with reporting to CSRS. The two northern partners will receive funding directly from the Wellcome Trust, but will report to CSRS for audit purposes.

The programme addresses head-on the challenge of linking emerging research institutions in East and West Africa, mirroring complementary research capacity and experience across the continent in order to train the next generation of young African scientists in intervention research for prevention of zoonoses at the animal-human-environment interface. We will link a core group of 7 African and 2 European institutions with an additional 7 collaborating African institutions.

Also, the programme will take advantage of the rapidly increasing broadband landscape in Africa to support the installation and management of informatics infrastructure and the development of mobile-health approaches, in particular using mobile technology to increase surveillance and response opportunities, and cross-consortia learning.

Afrique One-ASPIRE outcomes will be monitored with progress indicators and success stories at the annual management board meeting attended by the scientific advisory board and heads of institutions (Vice-Chancellors, Directors).


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