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Article: Window screens can suppress malaria

(Dar es Salaam & Liverpool) Protecting houses against mosquitoes with netting window screens can suppress malaria, IHI scientists have confirmed. In an article published today in Lancet Planetary Health, a …

IHI scientists in Dodoma for Water Week

(Dodoma) TWO IHI scientists, Alfred Boniphace and Dr. Beda Levira, represented the Institute in this year’s Water Week commemorations which was held at the national level in Dodoma during the …

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Calcium supplementation on pregnant women

Project summary This is a trial-based study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It intends to generate evidence for decision-making on the potential non-inferiority of a lower dose …

Sustainable, Healthy, Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods

The Sustainable, Healthy, Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods is an exciting project in which IHI works with a consortium of partners from Asia and Africa to 1) develop capacity for improved …

Ester Elisaria

Research Scientist

Dr. Ester Elisaria has worked extensively in the area of Nutrition, Public Health and Epidemiology program implementation. She has a solid passion on maternal and child health. Dr. Ester has a great understanding of health system in Tanzania, having spent seven years working with Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre as a Nutritionist. She gained a great understanding of working with international organisations, including UNICEF country office, AMREF international, and Curtin University in Australia. She has a good a management and financial skills gained over a period of working with the aforementioned organisations managing large grants programs, projects and researches. Dr. Ester has good research skills acquired when working with Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre, Ifakara Health Institute, C-MARC Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre in Australia and Curtin University in Australia. During the past four years, Dr. Ester was comprehensively involved in teaching four units at Curtin University and Curtin College managing over 200 undergraduate students and supervising four master’s students per year.  During her teaching role, she was recognized among the best tutors/ lecturers of the year. Dr. Ester has a B.Sc in Home Economics and Human Nutrition from Sokoine University in Tanzania, an MSC in Nutrition and Public Health Epidemiology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands; A certificate in Basic and Advanced Epidemiology from Harvard University and a PhD in Public Health specializing in Infant feeding and maternal health.

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Household ownership and usage of bed nets delivered through primary schools

Evaluation of integrated nutrition interventions in Tanzania

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