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IHI team engages with top brass at SERI

The IHI team (right) led by Dr. Honorati Masanja (not seen on the photo) meets with SERI officials (left row) during a stakeholder engagement meeting in Bern last week. PHOTO/COURTESY …

Health professionals learn “One Health” approach

Dr. Ally Olotu stresses a point when he addressed participants and invited guests during the opening ceremony. PHOTO/IHIcoms (Bagamoyo, Aprili 5 2019) Health professionals from Zoonotic disease risk areas of …

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Calcium supplementation on pregnant women

Project summary This is a trial-based study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It intends to generate evidence for decision-making on the potential non-inferiority of a lower dose …

Sustainable, Healthy, Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods

The Sustainable, Healthy, Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods is an exciting project in which IHI works with a consortium of partners from Asia and Africa to 1) develop capacity for improved …

Heather Ferguson

Visiting Scientist

I am a mosquito vector ecologist with over 12 years experience of field-based research and capacity building in collaboration with the Ifakara Health Institute.  My research spans studies of mosquito ecology and behaviour, vector-parasite interactions, population genetics, vector control and modelling of mosquito population dynamics and malaria transmission.  We are also investigating how mosquitoes adapt to control measures and environmental change, and how this could impact transmission.  As part of this work we are also interested in developing new tools to improve vector surveillance and control, and provide a better understanding of mosquito vector ecology.  This has involved collaborations with IHI to establish large semi-field systems for contained study of mosquito vector populations, and the development of new mosquito sampling tools.  I am also involved in capacity building initiatives within IHI including the sponsorship and mentoring of postdoctoral Fellows, and training of postgraduate students.  I also collaborate on mosquito vector ecology and control research in other international settings including study of zoonotic malaria in south east Asia, dengue and zika vectors in South America and India.

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