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Project builds case for dedicated health impact assessments

A visiting scientist from an IHI implementing partner in Switzerland, Dr. Fritz Brugger, presents at the event in Dar es Salaam. PHOTO/IHI (Dar es Salaam) IHI and partners hosted a …

IHI recruits Motor Vehicle Mechanic

IHI is looking for a Motor Vehicle Mechanic to fill a vacant position in our workshop. S/he must be specialized in servicing and repairing all systems contained within automotive vehicles. …

Recent Projects

Development of a new tool for malaria mosquito surveillance to improve vector control

Malaria transmission is influenced not only by vector abundance, but as well by demographic traits such as vector species and age structure, as these influence the intensity by which the …

Demonstrating complete disruption of residual malaria transmission by eliminating Anopheles funestus mosquitoes from rural Tanzanian villages

In rural south-eastern Tanzania, where malaria prevalence has reduced by >60% since 2000, low-to-moderate transmission still persists despite very high coverage with long-lasting insecticidal bednets. Like in most residual transmission …

August K Joachim

Research Scientist

Mr. August K. Joachim is a research scientist at the Ifakara Health Institute with an economics background. He obtained his first and second degree at the University of Dar es Salaam. August joined IHI in March, 2009 as research scientist and has been involved in the coordination of data collection for various projects operating at the institute, quantitative analysis of the household survey data which aimed to assess the impact of health care interventions in Tanzania, costing of the interventions, report writing, preparation of policy briefs and contributing to peer review papers.

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Health systems governance for inclusive and sustainable social health protection in Ghana and Tanzania

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