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INNOVATION: Why researchers should brace for the fourth Industrial Revolution

Nov. 24, 2020
INNOVATION: Why researchers should brace for the fourth Industrial Revolution
A graphic sympolizing artificial intelligence. GRAPHIC | WEB/IFAKARAcoms

Ifakara Health Institute seasoned researcher, Dr. Salim Abdulla, has urged scientists in Tanzania and beyond to prepare for the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution to be spurred by innovations in the Information and Communication Technologies.

Addressing participants of the joint Ifakara and Korea Innovation Foundation workshop from Dar es Salaam on November 24, 2020, Dr. Salim reminded his fellow scientists that a discussion on the anticipated fourth edition of the Industrial Revolution is valid now than any time in the history of research.

“There is a conspiracy theory suggesting that there will be a fourth Industrial Revolution…this will be spurred by the latest innovations such the Artificial Intelligence. As researchers, we must get prepared for this, otherwise, we’ll be left behind,” alerted Dr. Salim when briefing on a discussion that took place earlier in the Korean side of the workshop.

Ifakara Health Institute and the Korea Innovation Foundation host an innovation workshop from November 24-25, 2020 whose discussions focus on sustainable innovation approaches. The Korea Innovation Foundation is a professional technology commercialization institution that creates jobs through the Korea’s National Science and Technology Research & Development.

Dr. Abdulla, from the Clinical Trials research group based in Bagamoyo, preside over the workshop for the Tanzania group. The event is mainly held virtually with a few participants joining in small groups at Ifakara conference rooms at the Mikocheni Office in Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo and Ifakara branches.

According to Dr. Salim, Ifakara researchers interested in issues of innovation attending would discuss potential areas and projects that can be developed covering the full value chain of innovation. Presenters to the workshop include Ifakara Innovation Hub manager Masoud Mnonji, whose presentation focuses on the Ifakara innovation space.

The workshop is structured in two sessions each day. In the first, Ifakara participants join discussions at the Korea Innovation Foundation, which due to the pandemic situation there, deliberations mainly focused on “COVID and sustainable innovation approaches.” And in the second, Tanzania participants join Ifakara specific sessions that give information and then brainstorm for concrete suggestions of activities and approach to spearhead innovation in the Institute.

The timings for the sessions are: on November 24 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and on November the 25th from 8:30 to 16:30 pm, 2020. According to the workshop coordinator in Tanzania, Senior Administrative Officer for the Dar es Salaam Ifakara Office, Adeline Herman, participation shall mainly be over the Zoom video conferencing platform and links to the workshop sessions will be shared to registered Ifakara staff via their emails. #