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Martin Rohacek

Martin Rohacek

Research Scientist


Clinician specialized in internal and emergence medicine

Dr. Martin Rohacek is Head of Emergency Medicine. He’s a clinician specialized in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He has worked in hospitals in Switzerland in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He has also worked in different low-income settings delivering health care services to people living in most remote areas.

He is further a certified sonographer and trainer of sonography and has implemented sonography as a point of care tool in different settings. Scientifically he is mostly interested in improving diagnostic tools and clinical challenges in patients in emergency and internal medicine care.

Dr. Rohacek has graduated in medicine at the University of Zürich Switzerland 1998. He has specialized in Internal Medicine 2005 and in Emergency Medicine 2012. He has completed the board certification in Sonography 2014. He has worked in different referral hospitals in Switzerland from 1999 to 2015. Additionally, he has worked in remote areas in different tropical countries (e.g., for Doctors without Borders in Myanmar, for the Bruno Manser Foundation in Sarawak, Borneo and in Ladakh, India).

Dr. Rohacek has joined the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and Ifakara Health Institute in 2015. With the team from St Francis Referral Hospital he has built up the current Emergency Department, which he is leading since then. He has organized multiple trainings for Emergency Medicine and for Sonography including echocardiography for doctors and clinical researchers from Tanzania.

Dr. Rohacek is the sponsor-investigator of the eFASH study, a randomized controlled trial analyzing the impact of sonography on correctness of diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis and on patient outcome. Also, he leads a project on the value of point of care sonography in emergency medicine.#