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LAUNCH: NEST360, BMC Pediatric unveil special journal supplement

Nov. 15, 2023 9:00
LAUNCH:  NEST360, BMC Pediatric unveil special journal supplement
Some of the over 140 authors

Today, November 15, 2023, the Newborn Essential Solutions and Technologies (NEST360) program, being implemented in Tanzania by the Ifakara Health Institute and its partners, will launch a journal supplement of some of its peer-reviewed articles with the BMC Pediatrics. 

Titled "Small and Sick Newborn Care: Learning for Implementation Across Africa and Beyond," this supplement signifies a notable milestone for the program.

Ifakara scientists, including the Program Clinical lead, Dr Nahya Salim, NEST360 Country Liaison, Cate Paul, Program coordinator Donat Shamba, as well as Josephine Shabani, Dr. Robert Tillya, Jithada Baraka, and Dr Geogina Msemo, and other authors from the Ministry of Health including Dr Felix Bundala, all made contributions to this collection of peer-reviewed papers that comprehensively address insights gained from implementing an evidence-based level-2 newborn care package in hospitals. 

According to a tweet by NEST360, the webinar will be an insightful discussion between over 140 contributing authors on Small and Sick Newborn Care (SSNC) in 69 newborn units across Africa. The focus is to inform more effective, high-quality care and provide policymakers with tools and learnings for effective use in routine systems across various low- and middle-income contexts.

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