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On average IHI researchers publish 10 scientific articles each month and these amount on average to over 100 scientific articles annually.

Published on: July 17, 2024

Health care workers' experiences of calling-for-help when taking care of critically ill patients in hospitals in Tanzania and Kenya

Mkumbo EG, Willows TM, Odongo Onyango O, Khalid K, Maiba J, Schell CO, Oliwa J, McKnight J, Baker T

BMC Health Services Research

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Published on: July 17, 2024

Resistance-informed versus empirical management of viraemia in children and adolescents with HIV in Lesotho and Tanzania (GIVE MOVE trial): a multisite, open-label randomised controlled trial

Brown, J. A., Ringera, I. K., Luoga, E., Bresser, M., Mothobi, B., Kabundi, L., Ilunga, M., Mokhele, K., Isaac, A. B., Tsoaeli, N., Mbaya, T., Simba, B., Mayogu, K., Mabula, E., Cheleboi, M., Molatelle, M., Kimera, N., Mollel, G. J., Sando, D., et al.

The Lancet Global Health

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Published on: July 17, 2024

Livestock keeping, mosquitoes and community viewpoints: a mixed methods assessment of relationships between livestock management, malaria vector biting risk and community perspectives in rural Tanzania

Mwalugelo YA, Mponzi WP, Muyaga LL, Mahenge HH, Katusi GC, Muhonja F, Omondi D, Ochieng AO, Kaindoa EW, Amimo FA.

Malaria Journal

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Published on: July 15, 2024

BioMalPar XX: looking back on, and forward from, 20 years of malaria research

Darif ND, Ganter M, Dziekan JM, Kilian N, Brancucci N, Ng C, de Vries LE, Guttery D, Philip N, Boddey JA, Metwally NG, Okumu F, Kooij TWA, Absalon S, Bryant JM.

Trends in Parasitology

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Published on: July 11, 2024

Healthcare Workers' Experiences and Challenges in Managing Gender-Based Violence Among HIV-Positive Women Living in Southern, Tanzania: A Qualitative Study

Matoy LS, Tarimo FS, Kosia EM, Mkunda JJ, Weisser M, Mtenga S.


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Published on: July 10, 2024

Community end user perceptions of hessian fabric transfluthrin vapour emanators for protecting against mosquitoes under conditions of routine use in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Damus O, Supreme C, Lemoine JF, Raccurt C, McBeath J, Ogoma SB, Corbel V, Andrinopoulos K, Impoinvil D, Killeen GF, Czeher C.


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Published on: July 8, 2024

COVID-19 pandemic effects on neonatal inpatient admissions and mortality: interrupted time series analysis of facilities implementing NEST360 in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, and Tanzania

Malla L, Ohuma EO, Shabani J, Ngwala S, Dosunmu O, Wainaina J, Aluvaala J, Kassim I, Cross JH, Salim N, Zimba E, Ezeaka C, Penzias RE, Gathara D, Tillya R, Chiume M, Odedere O, Lufesi N, Kawaza K, Irimu G, Tongo O, Murless-Collins S, Bohne C, Richards-Kortum R, Oden M, Lawn JE.

BMC Pediatrics

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Published on: July 6, 2024

Effects of a blood-free mosquito diet on fitness and gonotrophic cycle parameters of laboratory reared Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto

Mosi FA, Rutha I, Velez R, Swai JK, Mlacha YP, Marques J, Silveira H, Tarimo BB.

Parasites & Vectors

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Published on: June 25, 2024

Fine-scale maps of malaria incidence to inform risk stratification in Laos

Kang SY, Amratia P, Dunn J, Vilay P, Connell M, Symons T, Rumisha S, Zhang S, Ward A, Sichanthongthip O, Banouvong V, Shortus M, Reyburn R, Butphomvihane P, Phiphakavong V, Hahm M, Phongchantha V, Khamlome B, Chindavongsa K, Chanthavisouk C, Weiss DJ, Gething PW, Cameron E.

Malaria Journal

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Published on: June 24, 2024

RAIN: machine learning-based identification for HIV-1 bNAbs

Foglierini M, Nortier P, Schelling R, Winiger RR, Jacquet P, O'Dell S, Demurtas D, Mpina M, Lweno O, Muller YD, Petrovas C, Daubenberger C, Perreau M, Doria-Rose NA, Gottardo R, Perez L.

Nature Communications

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