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#DataTamasha2023: Ifakara weighs in on data, education

Nov. 30, 2023 9:00
#DataTamasha2023:  Ifakara weighs in on data, education
Dr. Samson Kiware, speaking during the “Data and Education: Building Capacity of Data Scientists in Africa” panel session at Data Tamasha 2023.

Ifakara Health Institute’s Data Science and Mathematical Modelling team has been attending the 2023 Data Tamasha held at Johari Rotana since yesterday. Today, they were part of a key session on “Data and Education: Building Capacity of Data Scientists in Africa”, an opportune session since the conference was largely attended by data science students from different institutions. 

Dr. Samson Kiware, who leads the Data Science & Mathematical Modelling project at Ifakara was among the panelists alongside Celina Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Zindi, Davis David, Data Scientist, dLab, Mark Herringer, Director, healthsites.io and Dr. Mahadia Tunga, Executive Director, dLab and Ifakara mathematical modeller, Janice Maige, moderated the session. 

The panel discussed various challenges affecting data science students spanning from easy and free or affordable access to data, regulations and skill gaps that affect the students momentum or preparedness to thrive in the field. 

Dr. Kiware discussed the work being done at IHI to strengthen the capacity of young scientists, emphasizing on partnerships with the Bill and Mellinda Gates Foundation and Tanzania Data Labs as examples. 

He gave a comprehensive overview on what young scientists stand to gain by joining the institute’s projects or programs, however, he advised the students to be “be aggressive” challenging them to take a proactive approach in looking for and seizing these opportunities to learn and grow in their careers. 

What is Data Tamasha

Data Tamasha is a biennial event that showcases the role of data in development and how data can make a difference in our community. It brings together data enthusiasts, leaders and practitioners across industries, private and public sector, academia, and civil society organizations. 

Attendees get to exchange knowledge through dialogues, panel discussions, presentations, fireside chats, showcases, interactive sessions, exhibitions and public outreach activities. This year's theme is “Data for Human Centered Digital Future” the event closes on today, 30th November 2023. 

Learn more about Data Tamasha here