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EMPOWERMENT: Ifakara, partner host career fair

Jan. 12, 2024 10:00
EMPOWERMENT: Ifakara, partner host career fair
Attendees closely follow proceedings of the Career Fair, which Ifakara and the St. Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences hosted in Ifakara Town, Morogoro Region on Friday last week. PHOTO: IFAKARA/Comms

On January 12, Ifakara Health Institute in collaboration with the St. Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences, held a Career Fair at the Iteka Complex, located within the grounds of the University in Ifakara, Morogoro Region.

The event, organized with financial support from Ifakara Health Institute, brought together students, professionals, researchers and key figures in the health industry including government officials.

Ifakara was represented by Faraji Abilahi, the Institute's Public Engagement Coordinator and Head of Laboratories, who was joined by a group of researchers. The team participated in a side exhibition set up at the career where they showcased Ifakara's cutting-edge malaria research and innovations.

Moro RMO was there
Giving the opening remarks, Prof. Albino Kalolo welcomed participants on behalf of the College administration, setting the tone for the occasion. Meanwhile, the Morogoro Regional Medical Officer, Dr. Kusirye Ukio, who graced the occasion, also gave remarks.

Dr. Isaac Maro, a seasoned research scientist affiliated with Ifakara, delivered a keynote speech, focusing on healthcare innovation and research.

Inspiring the next generation
The Fair featured presentations from organizations like the Ifakara Innovation Hub (IIH), Benjamin Mkapa Foundation (BMF), GOBIN GLOBAL and individual health experts that aimed to inspire the next generation in healthcare.

Aloyce Urassa, a public health scientist affiliated with Ifakara, provided insights into healthcare systems and implementation research, emphasizing the importance of advocacy in shaping effective healthcare systems.

Rachel Magodi, a Community Engagement Officer at IIH, shared a captivating presentation on healthcare innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. She highlighted tools and trends in health innovation, emphasizing the potential impact on providing effective healthcare services. 

Magodi encouraged participants to draw inspiration from the presentations and leverage existing opportunities to develop innovative solutions, particularly addressing challenges rural communities face.

The event was further enriched by remarks from Kilombero District Commissioner, Dunstan Kyobya, who emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing healthcare initiatives.

Ifakara showcases its work
Ifakara's active participation and innovative exhibition conducted by researchers Magdalena Isaya, Theodosia Sambala, Alex Mgonyani, Agapiti Soka and Daniel Mathias contributed significantly to the event's success.

The team showcased through demonstrations various innovative tools for malaria control. These include the PCR machine for mosquito species identification, a digital microscope used in malaria diagnosis, mosquito traps such as the CDC trap, and the Prockpark double net among other innovations.

Ifakara awarded certificate
Following its success, the event concluded with the presentation of certificates of appreciation to participants. Ifakara was honored with a certificate in recognition of their support and active involvement in the career fair. 

Reflecting on the event, students the organizers for providing a platform for sharing knowledge, networking, and an opportunity to foster a shared commitment to addressing healthcare challenges.