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TEAM BUILDING: Shinda Malaria keen on fostering excellence

Feb. 27, 2024 9:00
TEAM BUILDING: Shinda Malaria keen on fostering excellence
The Shinda Malaria team engaged in a fun game during the team building activity. Photo Credit: David Sambwe

In a bid to reinforce teamwork and foster a culture of excellence, the Shinda Malaria project, funded by President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has organized a dynamic team-building event from February 21 to February 23, 2024. 

The activities took place at Tanga Beach Resort under the theme "Team for Excellence," which aimed to align the team's efforts towards the common goal of eradicating malaria in Tanzania. Shinda Malaria is implemented by the Ifakara Health Institute and partners.

The event was inaugurated by Dr. Dunstan Bishanga, the Chief of Party for Shinda Malaria, who ignited the atmosphere with a passionate address, setting the tone for the days ahead. Dr. Bishanga's speech emphasized the significance of each staff member's role within the project and urged participants to contemplate how they could leverage their positions to make a tangible difference in the fight against malaria.

Shinda Malaria’s first year performance

Following Dr. Bishanga's inspiring opening, Dr. Mwaka Kakolwa, the Deputy Chief of Party for Shinda Malaria, took the stage to present an overview of the project's performance in its first year. This comprehensive overview provided valuable insights into the progress made and areas for improvement as the project moved forward.

The event continued with a series of presentations from various result areas, offering an opportunity for team members to delve deeper into their respective domains and share insights, challenges, and successes.

Day two of the event commenced with a series of engaging and interactive activities designed to test resilience, enhance communication, and hone problem-solving skills. Moderated by consultants from Epvate and Fortune International Consulting, these activities included challenges such as the Pipeline and Building Project's Tower, which encouraged teamwork, creativity, and strategic thinking.

After a day filled with both indoor and outdoor activities, the team gathered to reflect on the past year's accomplishments and collectively plan for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in the project's second year. Each staff member committed to specific actions aimed at contributing to the overarching goal of malaria elimination in Tanzania, reinforcing a sense of ownership and accountability among the team.

Social gathering

As the event drew to a close, participants came together for a social gathering aimed at breaking down barriers and fostering positive relationships within the team. This final session provided an opportunity for informal networking and camaraderie, ensuring that the bonds forged during the event would continue to strengthen the team's cohesion and effectiveness in the days and months to come.

The "Team for Excellence" event at Tanga Beach Resort served as a testament to the dedication and determination of the Shinda Malaria team, reaffirming their commitment to working together towards a malaria-free Tanzania.