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MTAFITI: Gains in the health financing space

Feb. 29, 2024 9:00
MTAFITI: Gains in the health financing space
A snip from the February 2024 edition's featured story. GRAPHIC | IFAKARA Communications

The editor's choice top story reports on the progress made by Tanzania in working towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). A recent study, conducted by the Ifakara Health Institute in collaboration with institutions from the United Kingdom and Switzerland, reveals the successful implementation of health financing reforms in the country.

And on the readers' top story - this one was most read in both the Ifakara website and social media platforms - researchers announce a Malaria vaccine that has proven to be "safe and well-tolerated" among individuals living with HIV.

The round-up summarizes other reports, news, events, new projects and publications.

Additionally, we bring you engaging videos, including a short feature on Ifakara aired on the global channel CGTN. This video discusses research on transgenic mosquitoes to a groundbreaking blood-free diet for rearing malaria mosquitoes. There's also a compelling documentary on "Mastering Microscopy" by the Shinda Malaria project.

Finally, Dr. Marceline Finda, a Research Scientist at the Ifakara Health Institute, concludes the video lineup with a 20-minute talk on "Gene Drives for Malaria Elimination in Africa."

>> The round-up can be accessed online here: Mtafiti - Ifakara News & Events Round-Up February 2024 Edition.