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TRAINING: Ifakara completes procurement ethics short course

March 20, 2024 9:00
TRAINING: Ifakara completes procurement ethics short course
Judith Mshumbusi, the acting Supply Chain Manager, moderating the session. Credit: IFAKARA Communications

From March 18-22, 2024, Ifakara Health Institute conducted a series of training sessions centered on ethical procurement practices. Organized by the Supply Chain Management Unit and facilitated by experts from the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA), the event aimed to improve understanding and compliance with ethical guidelines during the procurement process.

The training was officiated by Raphael Laizer, the Ifakara Chief Operating Officer, and took place physically at Ifakara's Mikocheni branch, with staff members from other branches tuning in virtually via Zoom. Judith Mshumbusi, the acting Supply Chain Manager, served as the moderator.

As part of the Supply Chain Unit's training on Procurement Management, the sessions were tailored to be interactive and practical. Participants delved into various topics, including transparency, conflict of interest, compliance, accountability, and ethical decision-making, through engaging discussions.

In the end, the Supply Chain team acknowledged that they are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate ethical challenges effectively, emphasized by Amos Msaro, Supply Chain Officer in Bagamoyo branch on behalf of other attendees, he went on to thank the facilitators and the COO for encouraging them to continue the pursuit of knowledge. 

The Supply Chain team each received certificates of participation and completion handed over to them by Ifakara’s COO and Dr. Mwita Mkami, Head of the Consultancy Bureau at TIA.

Dr. Mkami thanked Ifakara for their cooperation during the session and reinforced their continued support and collaboration with the institute when the need arises. 

Concluding the session, the COO expressed gratitude to everyone for their contributions to the success of the week-long activity and expressed anticipation for witnessing the outcomes of this effort, he also emphasized the importance of continuous learning to ensure ongoing growth and development.

This training highlights Ifakara’s dedication to upholding ethical standards and inspiring a culture of integrity and accountability in procurement operations.