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PREPAREDNESS: Ifakara raises staff fire safety awareness

March 11, 2024 9:00hrs
PREPAREDNESS: Ifakara raises staff fire safety awareness
Ifakara staff receiving instructions on firefighting during a practical session of the training at Ifakara branch office in Ifakara.

On March 11, 2024, Ifakara Health Institute organized a session to raise staff awareness regarding fire safety and rescue procedures during emergencies at its Ifakara branch offices in Mlabani, Ifakara. The training was facilitated by a team of fire brigade experts from Ifakara town.

During the session, Ifakara staff received instructions on firefighting equipment and were given practical demonstrations on how to prepare themselves to manage fire incidents effectively both at work and in their homes. 

The primary objective of the training was to equip Ifakara staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to strengthen workplace safety and readiness for potential fire emergencies.

Understanding fire safety
Fire safety involves a variety of measures aimed at preventing fires and preparing for emergencies to mitigate risks and safeguard lives and property. This includes measures such as fire prevention, early detection through alarm systems, availability of appropriate firefighting tools, establishment of evacuation procedures, consideration of building design, education initiatives, and access to emergency services. 

The goal is to minimize the likelihood of fire-related incidents and ensure a prompt and secure response in the event of a fire.