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TOUR: Kilombero DC pays courtesy visit to Ifakara offices

April 19, 2024 9:00hrs
TOUR: Kilombero DC pays courtesy visit to Ifakara offices
The Kilombero District Commissioner, Danstan Kyobya and the Director of the Ifakara City Council, Zahara Muhidin Michuzi, tours the Ifakara Health Institute's Vector Sphere facilities in Ifakara. PHOTO by IFAKARA Communications

On 19 April 2024, the District Commissioner (DC) for Kilombero paid a courtesy visit to the Ifakara Health Institute branch offices in Ifakara and engaged with staff about the ongoing research work conducted within the community. 

The DC, Danstan Kyobya, was accompanied by fellow leaders from the district, among them the Director of the Ifakara City Council, Zahura Muhidin Michuzi. They conveyed their support for Ifakara and its efforts in advancing health through evidence-driven solutions derived from an array of scientific works. 

The leaders were warmly welcomed by the Ifakara Branch Manager, Frederick Masanja, along with the Ifakara Community Engagement Officer and Lab Manager, Faraji Abilahi. Speaking on behalf of the Ifakara staff, they both expressed enormous gratitude for the visit. 

In his address, the Kilombero District Commissioner commended Ifakara for its commitment to upholding its reputation as one of Tanzania's top research institutes, evidenced by its extensive research work and scientific publications. 

However, he was also keen to emphasize the importance of conveying these complex scientific findings to targeted communities in a more accessible manner, suggesting the dissemination of information in the Swahili language.

Moreover, the leaders urged the Institute to actively engage in community-oriented social activities to strengthen their relationship with the local public. Mr. Kyobya used the opportunity to extend a formal invitation to Ifakara Health Institute to participate in the upcoming Mwenge marathon scheduled for April 26, 2024, in Ifakara. 

Following the engagement with Ifakara staff, the Kilombero DC toured the Institute's facilities, which included the Laboratory, the Ifakara Innovation Hub offices, and the entomology facilities at the Vector Sphere. During the tour, Mr. Kyobya praised Ifakara for its exemplary integration of state-of-the-art technology in its research endeavors. 

The District Commissioner's visit to Ifakara offices underscores the ongoing collaborative relationship between both parties, guided by the shared objective of advancing community health outcomes.

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