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ENGAGEMENT: Ifakara's participation in Uhuru Torch race in Kilombero, Chalinze and Dar

April 24, 2024 10:00
ENGAGEMENT: Ifakara's participation in Uhuru Torch race in Kilombero, Chalinze and Dar
Ifakara researchers demonstrate malaria research activities on the sidelines of the Uhuru Torch event held in Bagamoyo in 2022. PHOTO | IFAKARA Communications

Ifakara Health Institute took part in this year’s Uhuru Torch race on April 26th when it arrived in Ifakara Town. This participation followed an invitation extended by Kilombero District Commissioner (DC), Danstan Kyobya, during a visit to the institute's branch offices on April 19, 2024.

Over the years, Ifakara has actively engaged in the Uhuru Torch races, notably in Bagamoyo in 2019, and 2022 and in Ifakara in 2023, collaborating with local government district officials and residents for these events.

The race offered an opportunity for the Institute to showcase its research work and projects, aligning with the theme of the 2024 "Take care of the environment and participate in local government elections for the construction of a sustainable nation (Tunza mazingira na shiriki uchaguzi wa Serikali za Mitaa kwa ujenzi wa Taifa endelevu)."

Kilombero celebrations

Ifakara staff took part in the he Uhuru Torch celebrations at Mang’ula, Kilombero, where the Vector Sphere research facility team based at the Ifakara branch showcased the institute's research activities and conducted free malaria testing for the community members.

Chalinze celebrations

Ifakara's Vector Control and Product Testing unit based in Bagamoyo participated in the Chalinze celebrations, exhibiting various research projects. The event, attended by district council leaders, provided an opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange for possible future collaboration with the Chalinze District Council.

Dar celebrations

Dhibiti Malaria and Deep Cities, two malaria projects at the Ifakara Health Institute, were invited by the Ubungu District Medical Officer, Dr Tulitweni Mwinuka to participate in the Uhuru torch races held in Dar es Salaam on May 12 2024. This invitation was based on the close relationship built over the may years of close collaboration.

The DMO emphasized their appreciation for the Ifakara teams' presence at the proceedings, highlighting how this shows commitment to community engagement and public health.

The head of the Uhuru Torch races, Godfrey Mnzava, expressed his appreciation for Ifakaras’s presence and reaffirmed the government's commitment to continue supporting Ifakara’s research efforts within the community.

Ifakara scientists Alex Limwagu and Exavery Chaki were at the Ifakara booths showcasing different mosquito traps and various mosquito species at different growth stages. The audience found this quite interesting, attracting large crowds

About the Uhuru Torch
The Uhuru Torch, known as Mwenge wa Uhuru in Swahili, is one of the national symbols of Tanzania. It has the design of a kerosene torch, which symbolizes freedom and light.

The Uhuru Torch was raised at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro on December 9, 1961, by the hero Brigadier Alexander Nyirenda, symbolizing the enlightenment of the nation transcending borders to bring hope amidst despair, love where there is enmity and respect amid hatred. Brigadier Nyirenda's gesture aimed to instill pride in the nation and nurture a spirit of unity among Tanzanians, emphasizing the values of perseverance, mutual affection, respect, and collaboration.

Annually, the Uhuru Torch race is organized, spanning various locations across the nation in commemoration of this historic event.