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COMMEMORATION: Marking World Malaria Day 2024 with call for action to combat the disease!

April 25, 2024 9:00
COMMEMORATION: Marking World Malaria Day 2024 with call for action to combat the disease!
GRAPHIC: IFAKARA Communications

As one of the leading malaria research institutes globally, the Ifakara Health Institute proudly commemorated World Malaria Day 2024, standing shoulder to shoulder with the global community in raising awareness about the urgent need for action to combat the disease. 

Our commitment extends beyond mere acknowledgement; through ongoing research and strategic partnerships, we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions to reduce the burden of malaria, particularly in the most vulnerable communities.

This year, the theme for World Malaria Day 2024, "Accelerating the fight against malaria for a more equitable world," resonates deeply with our mission. The WHO emphasizes key actions: ending stigma, fostering community engagement, improving primary healthcare accessibility, addressing risk factors, and integrating malaria control into universal health coverage. 

Latest WHO statistics show, Africa bears the highest burden of malaria despite the fundamental human right to quality malaria prevention, detection, and treatment services, many individuals and communities lack access to them. 

In 2022, there were 608,000 malaria deaths, 249 million new cases reported with 94% of all malaria cases reported in WHO African Region. Rural populations in the African region living in situations of poverty and with less access to education are the most impacted.

Among those most vulnerable are infants and young children, particularly those under 5 years old, who suffer the highest mortality rates from malaria. Inequities in access to education and financial resources further exacerbate the risk, perpetuating a cycle of illness and poverty.

Ifakara team at national celebrations in Tabora

In commemoration of this day, Ifakara participated in the WMD2024 national celebrations held in Tabora, Tanzania where the Institute pitched two booths to showcase both research and program implementation work.

The PMI Shinda (Defeat) Malaria project, which is implemented by Ifakara and partners with funding from the American people was introduced in Tabora this week. The project had a high-profile team there, to engage with stakeholders and share progress of malaria implementation work done by Ifakara and partners to support the Government of Tanzania eliminate malaria.

Meanwhile, immunologists from the institute, who are also members of the Tanzania Immunology Society, also marked this day, sharing insights into the crucial role of our immune systems in combating the disease.