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#WMD2024: Malaria control efforts - progress, challenges, and calls for action

April 25, 2024 14:30
#WMD2024:  Malaria control efforts - progress, challenges, and calls for action
Snippet from BBC News Swahili.

On April 25, 2024, as the world marked another World Malaria Day, the Ifakara Health Institute’s Director of Science, Dr Ally Olotu, joined Dr Willis Akhwale, Special Advisor to the Kenya End Malaria Council, for a critical discussion on BBC News Swahili. The panel delved into the ongoing efforts to combat malaria at local, regional, and global levels, shedding light on the challenges and achievements in this battle. 

The discussion highlighted the unequal distribution of crucial resources like mosquito nets and medicines, especially for pregnant women who face a higher risk of malaria. Despite progress, reaching remote communities remains a challenge.

Malaria vaccines offer hope in the fight against the disease. Dr. Olotu and Dkt. Akhwale stressed the importance of ongoing research to save millions of lives through vaccination. They urged continued investment and innovation for better vaccines and prevention.

Climate change adds to malaria challenges. Recent floods in Kenya and Tanzania increase mosquito breeding, raising the risk of malaria and other diseases. The panel called for proactive steps, including providing nets and medicines to those affected by floods.

Dr. Olotu emphasized the need for more research efforts "It would be a grave mistake to say that what we currently have is enough," he affirmed. "We need more research to produce more effective solutions"