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MILESTONE: Inauguration of Ifakara Vector Sphere facilities

April 26, 2024 9:00hrs
MILESTONE: Inauguration of Ifakara Vector Sphere facilities
Key guests watches on after the Inauguration of the Vector Sphere building which is located within Ifakara branch premises in Ifakara. Photo by IFAKARA Communications

On April 26, 2024, the Vector Sphere research facility based at the Ifakara Health Institute’s Ifakara branch offices was officially inaugurated, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to combat malaria.

The event, which coincided with the reception of the Uhuru Torch, brought together community members, local leaders, and stakeholders to witness the advancements in malaria research and to celebrate the dedication of those involved in the fight against this deadly disease.

The National Uhuru Torch race leader, Godfrey Eliakimu Mnzava, inaugurated the Vector Sphere facility during the ceremony symbolizing the official commencement of its operations in the fight against malaria.

In his address, Mr. Mnzava expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Ifakara Health Institute, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in malaria research.

Uhuru Torch reception
Before the arrival of the Uhuru Torch at the Ifakara offices, attendees were treated to a vibrant array of entertainment. The atmosphere was alive with the sounds of trumpets and the charming movements of the Ifakara traditional dance known as Sangula. These cultural performances added to the enjoyment of the event, creating a festive ambiance for all those in attendance.

The Bishop of Ifakara, Salutaris Melchior Libena, the Ifakara Branch Manager, Frederick Masanja, alongside Ifakara staff and community members warmly received the Uhuru Torch during the reception ceremony.

The Kilombero DC, Dunstan Dominic Kyobya, was present at the event and addressed the audience before welcoming the Ifakara Bishop to give his remarks. In his address, the Kilombero DC emphasized the importance of the event and the significance of the Vector Sphere in combating malaria in the Ifakara region and beyond.

On the other hand, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kilombero Constituency, Abubakar Asenga MP, also addressed the audience and congratulated Ifakara Health Institute for its efforts in combating malaria in Kilombero Valley.

Inspection of Vector Sphere facility
After the addresses from the key figures, the National Uhuru Torch race leader, Godfrey Eliakimu Mnzava, inspected the project buildings and witnessed the research activities being conducted at the Vector Sphere.

The Ifakara Community Engagement Officer, Faraji Abilahi conducted a project report reading where he presented a comprehensive report on the Vector Sphere facility, outlining its objectives, achievements, and prospects.

Presentation of gifts
The event also included a presentation gift session where the Bishop of Ifakara presented a prototype mosquito repellent bag to Godfrey Eliakimu Mnzava, showcasing the innovative products developed at the Vector Sphere during the Mozzie Sandal project.

After the reception and inauguration, the National Uhuru Torch departed from the Ifakara premises, marking the end of the ceremony. The Ifakara team proceeded to Mang’ula for the Uhuru Torch celebrations, where they continued to showcase the institute's research activities and conducted free malaria testing for the community members.

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