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MTAFITI: The malaria drug resistance challenge

May 7, 2024 9:00
MTAFITI: The malaria drug resistance challenge
A snip from the April 2024 edition's featured story. GRAPHIC | IFAKARA Communications

"MTAFITI" - the monthly news and events round-up of Ifakara Health Institute - April 2024 edition is out. The main theme of the current edition is on the challenge posed by malaria drug resistance.

>> Read it here: Mtafiti - Ifakara News & Events Round-Up April 2024 Edition.

The editor's choice top story reports on the challenge of malaria drug resistance and the necessity for ongoing efforts to combat it, including surveillance, developing new drugs, and adhering to treatment protocols. This edition's highlight focuses on a recommended combination therapy as a promising solution.

And on the readers' top story - this one was most read in both the Ifakara website and social media platforms - researchers confirm the safety and efficacy of a traditional herbal remedy that offers an alternative for treating malaria.

Wrapping up malaria month, Ifakara hosted its 2024 Malaria Forum on April 30, 2024, in Dar es Salaam. Themed "Malaria-Free Future: Integrated Strategies for Malaria Elimination," this year's forum facilitated collaboration and innovation. Stakeholders from government ministries, research institutions, academia, and innovative sectors converged to chart the course towards a malaria-free future.

The round-up summarizes other reports, news, events, new projects and publications.

>> The round-up can be accessed online here: Mtafiti - Ifakara News & Events Round-Up April 2024 Edition.