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FEATURE: Ifakara on Science News

May 10, 2024 9:00
FEATURE:  Ifakara on Science News
Ifakara Molecular biologist Deogratius Kavishe on the field carrying one of the backpacks. Credit: Deogratius Kavishe

Molecular biologist Deogratius Kavishe and his team at the Ifakara Health Institute developed an innovative back-pack as a potential solution to combat rising mosquito resistance to insecticides which has been featured on Science News

The article discussed how mosquitoes in Africa are becoming resistant to pyrethroids, a common insecticide used against malaria. This resistance threatens to undo progress in combating the disease, which claims many lives yearly. To counter this, combining pyrethroids with another pesticide is suggested, but it relies on the presence of more susceptible mosquitoes in the environment.

Finding these mosquitoes and delivering them safely to the lab for sensitivity testing is difficult to facilitate. Kavishe and his team have tested a crafted custom backpack that could make this very important research possible based on a study posted April 16 at bioRxiv.org.

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