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INDUCTION: New Ifakara board members welcomed at Kingani, Bagamoyo

May 23, 2024 12:00 PM
INDUCTION: New Ifakara board members welcomed at Kingani, Bagamoyo
Ifakara scientist, Emmanuel Mbuba (left) briefing new Ifakara board members about Vector Control Product Testing Unit (VCPTU). Photo Credit: Ifakara Communications

On May 23 2024, the Ifakara Health Institute held an induction session for its new Board members at the Kingani facility in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. The day-long induction activity involved comprehensive briefings about the Institute and the work it does.

The welcomed new Board members include: Ms. Mariam Bayumi from the Bakhresa Group; Dr. Athuman Mgumia from the Commission for Science and Technology; Dr. Nyanda Ntinginya from the National Institute for Medical Research; Dr. Flora Myamba from the Women and Social Protection in Tanzania; and Prof. Daniel Paris from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, who attended the session through Zoom.

Presentations on Ifakara overview, work

Dr. Honorati Masanja, the Chief Executive Director, provided an overview of Ifakara's mission, vision, and strategic goals. This was followed by Dr. Ally Olotu, the Director of Science, who delved into the Institute's diverse research and programmatic activities.

The session featured detailed presentations from three heads of research departments. Dr. Jerry Hella of Biomedical Research and Clinical Trials shared insights into ongoing clinical trials and biomedical research innovations. Dr. Sally Mtenga, representing Health Systems, Interventions, Impact Evaluation, and Policy, discussed the department's focus on health systems strengthening and policy impact evaluations. Dr. Emmanuel Kaindoa, head of Environmental Health and Ecological Sciences, highlighted the department's work on environmental health and vector control strategies.

Facility tour to key infrastructure

The Board members embarked on a facility tour to explore the key research and training infrastructure at Kingani. The tour included visits to the Training Center, where capacity-building activities are conducted; the Vector Control Product Testing Unit, which assesses the efficacy of vector control products; the Transmission Zero lab, dedicated to malaria transmission research; and the main biosafety laboratory, equipped for high-level pathogen research.

This induction session not only provided the new Board members with a deep understanding of Ifakara's multifaceted research endeavors but also underscored the Institute's commitment to advancing health research and training in Tanzania.

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