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VISION 2050: Ifakara director at the health sector stakeholders’ meeting in Dar

July 6, 2024 From 8 am
VISION 2050: Ifakara director at the health sector stakeholders’ meeting in Dar
Dr. Honorati Masanja's inset on an image grabbed from a livestream from the JNICC in Dar es Salaam. CREDIT | IFAKARAcommunications

Today, Dr. Honorati Masanja, Chief Executive Director of the Ifakara Health Institute is at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Center in Dar es Salaam, where Tanzania's National Stakeholders' Meeting for the development of the National Development Vision 2050 (NDV2050) is currently underway.

Dr. Masanja represents Ifakara Health Institute at this crucial gathering aimed at shaping the future of Tanzania's healthcare landscape. The meeting, graced by esteemed chief guests Health Minister Ummy Mwalimu and State Minister in the President’s Office Dr. Kitila Mkumbo, marks a significant step towards defining Tanzania's long-term vision post-2025.

Vision 2050 is set to succeed the current Vision 2025 and is designed to propel Tanzania towards sustained social and economic prosperity while ensuring the nation remains adaptable to the ever-evolving technological advancements.

The forum provides a platform for Tanzanians from diverse sectors to voice their opinions and contribute to the development of Vision 2050. This inclusive approach aims to ensure that the vision reflects the aspirations and priorities of the Tanzanian people across all domains, particularly in healthcare.

Ifakara Health Institute, renowned as a leading public health research institution in Africa, brings to the table a wealth of experience in developing, delivering, and evaluating health innovations. The Institute's contributions have significantly influenced healthcare policies and practices not only in Tanzania but also across the continent.

Dr. Masanja, in his role, highlighted the Institute's commitment to advancing health outcomes through evidence-based research and community-focused interventions. He underscored the importance of integrating sustainable health strategies into Tanzania's broader developmental agenda, emphasizing the role of research, technology and innovation in enhancing healthcare delivery and accessibility.

Discussions at the meeting centered on critical themes such as universal healthcare access, healthcare infrastructure development, and the integration of traditional and modern healthcare practices. Participants engaged in robust dialogue aimed at formulating strategies that will fortify Tanzania's healthcare system and ensure it remains resilient in the face of emerging challenges.

As the meeting progresses, stakeholders are poised to contribute their insights and recommendations, which will ultimately shape the final framework of Vision 2050.

The National Stakeholders' Meeting signifies a pivotal moment in Tanzania's journey towards achieving comprehensive and sustainable development, with healthcare playing a central role in fostering national prosperity and well-being.