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LAUNCH: Ifakara, partners set up NCD clinic in Bagamoyo

July 9, 2024 08:00 AM
LAUNCH: Ifakara, partners set up NCD clinic in Bagamoyo
Bagamoyo District Council Director, Shauri Selenda, being briefed at the Nutrition booth section. CREDIT: IFAKARA Communications

From July 8th to 9th, 2024, the Ifakara Health Institute, through the Care of Chain and Referral for NCDs management - "CARECHAIN-NCD" study, launched a newly renovated non-communicable diseases (NCDs) clinic at the Bagamoyo District Hospital, in Bagamoyo, Tanzania to offer ongoing services for the early detection and management of NCDs.

The launch was also an opportunity to provide outreach services on NCDs in Bagamoyo. This activity aimed to enhance the early detection and management of NCDs within the community, demonstrating Ifakara’s commitment to improving public health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), NCDs cause approximately 41 million deaths globally whereby 86% of these deaths occur in low-and middle-income countries. The primary objective of the CARECHAIN-NCD project as it will be simply known, is to bring a relevant impact on population health by increasing community awareness of NCDs for better prevention.

Day 1: Council staff health screening

The event was graced by the Bagamoyo District Council Director Shauri Selenda, who officially opened the NCD screening exercise on the first day, July 8th, 2024. The initial screenings took place at the Bagamoyo District Council offices, where all council employees underwent comprehensive health checks.

During the inauguration, Selenda received guidance from a nutrition expert and actively participated in various health assessments, including a lung test, setting a positive example for NCD awareness and prevention among public servants.

Day 2: Community health services

On the second day, July 9th, the focus shifted to providing NCD screening services to the general public. The activities were conducted at the newly renovated NCD clinic within the Bagamoyo District Hospital. This clinic, established as part of the CARECHAIN Study's efforts, aims to offer ongoing services for the early detection and management of NCDs.

Residents of Bagamoyo had the opportunity to receive thorough screenings for heart and lung diseases, among other NCDs. The provision of these services at a dedicated clinic ensures that community members can access necessary healthcare without the need for long-distance travel, ultimately improving the health outcomes for the residents of Bagamoyo.


The CARECHAIN-NCD project is implemented by Ifakara in collaboration with multiple partners from Europe and Tanzania. From Europe, they are; ChariteĢ – University Hospital, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), and University Hospital Basel. In Tanzania, the collaborating partners include; St. Francis Referral Hospital (SFRH), Bagamoyo District Hospital (BDH), TaNCDP, MoH, Tanzania Diabetic Alliance, GSCH, and Norvartis.