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Mesh Community Engagement Network

Principal Investigator: N/A

Project leader/ Coordinator: Dr. Shekha Mohamed

Project Administrator: N/A

Funding Partner: Wellcome Trust and The Global Health Network

Start date: Dec. 1, 2023

End date: April 30, 2025

Mesh Community Engagement Network

Mesh Community Engagement Network

Mesh Community Engagement Network is a free, collaborative, open-access knowledge hub and networking project for people involved in community engagement (CE) with global health research.

This hub provides a neutral online space where community and public engagement practitioners, researchers, health workers, and others can connect, share resources, and discuss best practices. Mesh organizes workshops and events, curates themed areas on key engagement topics, showcases innovative projects, and shares news from the field.

Established in 2016 through a partnership between Wellcome Trust and The Global Health Network, Mesh is built on the belief that engaging communities in research is essential for improving human health, particularly in regions most affected by health inequality and disease. Mesh employs the well-established components of a web portal and a Community of Practice to support the development of Community Engagement.

Currently, Mesh has a team of coordinators located in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. These coordinators plan and implement Mesh activities in their regions, share exemplary engagement practices, tools, and resources on the platform, and develop and connect regional networks of engagement practice.

One of the regional Mesh coordinators is Dr. Shekha Mohamed, the Research Division Coordinator at Ifakara Health Institute, who serves as the Mesh Coordinator for the Africa Region.

Running from 2023 to 2025, the primary goal of the Mesh hub is to create mutual benefits for the public and researchers, ultimately enhancing the relevance and impact of health research.

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