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Strategic Purchasing Africa Resource Center - "SPARC Phase II"

Principal Investigator: Fatuma Manzi

Project leader/ Coordinator: August Joachim

Project Administrator: TBC

Funding Partner: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through AMREF Health Africa

Start date: April 1, 2024

End date: Dec. 31, 2024

Strategic Purchasing Africa Resource Center - "SPARC Phase II"

Strategic Purchasing Africa Resource Center - "SPARC Phase II"

SPARC Phase II is a continuation of a multi-country consortium's efforts from 2016 to 2022, aimed at supporting government priorities in various countries. The primary focus of SPARC Phase II is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain financing for primary healthcare in Tanzania

Ifakara Health Institute, as a technical partner, will provide support for priority reforms in healthcare financing in Tanzania, focusing on strategic health purchasing. Ifakara will collaborate with the University of Dar es Salaam and key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health and the President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG).

The project aims to support policy analysis and priority reforms in healthcare financing, particularly in strategic health purchasing. The key areas of work include specifying benefits packages, developing provider payment mechanisms, contracting providers, managing finances, monitoring performance, and improving governance.

The project's objectives are to determine the effectiveness of primary health financing reforms on pharmaceuticals, focusing on product delivery, on-time delivery, lead times, order accuracy, and inventory management.

Additionally, the project aims to assess the efficiency of resource allocation processes for medicines within Tanzania's primary healthcare financing system. Another objective is to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of financial information systems supporting drug and medicine financing. Lastly, the project will undertake a financial management analysis at the facility level, concentrating on budgeting, expenditures, and financial reporting.

SPARC Phase II adopts an approach that fosters skills transfer and strengthens government capacity to ensure sustainability and long-term impact.

The Ifakara team leading SPARC Phase II consists of Dr. Fatuma Manzi, Dr. August Joachim, and PhD student Suzan Makawia. Representing the University of Dar es Salaam is Dr. Otieno Osoro.