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Anopheles funestus gene flow studies and rearing methods

Principal Investigator: Fredros Okumu

Project leader/ Coordinator: Dickison Lwetoijera/ Emmanuel kaindowa

Project Administrator: Rukia Mohamed

Funding Partner: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Start date: Sept. 13, 2017

End date: Sept. 30, 2019

Anopheles funestus gene flow studies and rearing methods

Anopheles funestus gene flow studies and rearing methods

This project investigates the key biological features, including genetic diversity, reproductive barriers and genetic flow patterns among members of the An. funestus group, focusing primarily on An. funestus s.s. The research team will also develop processes for successful colonization and mass-rearing of An funestus. In line with ongoing efforts to develop effective gene-drive strategies for malaria elimination, this project will support the development and potential deployment of future transgenes for An. funestus population suppression or modification.

Working in a team of experts from different institutions, researchers consolidate the complementary expertise in ecology, molecular genetics, mathematical modelling and medical entomology to fill the current gaps, thereby dramatically improving our understanding of An Funestus. The findings are primarily aimed at supporting high impact interventions, including future use of 'gene-drives' for suppression or modification of malaria vectors in Africa.#