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Nicholaus Mziray

Nicholaus Mziray

Research Scientist


Mathematical Scientist with background in Mathematics, Geography and Education

Mr. Nicholaus Mziray is a mathematical scientist working as a mathematical modeler under COSMIC-PROJECT. He has background in mathematics, geography and education. His major interest is in modeling dynamics of infectious diseases, system dynamics, health systems and system thinking. He holds a MSc in Mathematical Sciences.


Mr. Mziray joined the Institute in August 2019. He holds an MSc degree in Mathematical Sciences from African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS-Tanzania) and did his research in Mathematical Modeling of Gammaherpesvirus and Malaria Co-Infection where he completed studies in 2017. He also holds a Bachelor degree in science with education specializing in Geography and Mathematics from Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro Tanzania, 2015.

Before joining the Institute, Mr. Mziray worked as a mathematics teacher in various secondary schools in Arusha and Kilimanjaro Regions.

Mr. Mziray started his career as a researcher after joining the Institute in August 2019. He is currently working as a Mathematical Modeler on Complexity Science Modeling of Low-and Middle Income Country Health Systems (COSMIC-PROJECT) with its focus on developing two complementary models, a System Dynamic Model (SDM) and an Agent-Based Model (ABM), of the Tanzanian health system and its response to payment for performance (P4P).

His research areas include but not limited to; Mathematical Modelling (Infectious Disease Modeling, System Dynamics Modeling), Agent Based Modeling, Survival Analysis, Health Systems and System Thinking.#