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Halfan Ngowo

Halfan Ngowo

Research Scientist

hngowo@ihi.or.tz Publication(s)

Statistician studying population dynamics of malaria vectors

Halfan Ngowo is Research Scientist at Ifakara Health Institute. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics from Mzumbe University, Tanzania and a Master’s degree in Quantitative Methods in Conservation and Epidemiology from the University Of Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Halfan is currently pursuing a PhD in Population & Ecosystems Health from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom. His research interests include statistical and mathematical modelling of different vector populations of malaria transmission. He uses advanced knowledge in quantitative ecology to explore and understand the population dynamics of different vectors of malaria transmission.

Halfan was awarded the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Travel award in 2020 and he is currently leading a number of research projects on re-examining the ecology of the current vector of malaria transmission, machine learning and infrared spectroscopy.