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Nasoro Saidi Lilolime

Nasoro Saidi Lilolime

Laboratory Scientist


Laboratory Scientist with experience in Molecular Biology techniques.

Nasoro Saidi Lilolime is a Laboratory Scientist with six years of experience spanning Molecular Biology techniques such as genotyping of malaria parasites, next-generation sequencing, and PCR assays for the detection and quantification of various pathogens.


He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology and Laboratory Sciences from Sokoine University of Agriculture (2017). Nasoro has been actively engaged in various clinical trials and biomedical research, specializing in Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Microbiology.

In his role, Nasoro has undertaken diverse responsibilities, including performing lab tests, adhering to safety and hygiene protocols, preparing and reviewing laboratory standard operating procedures (SOPs), and participating in the design and execution of studies involving laboratory techniques. He is meticulous in ensuring accurate, precise, and reliable test results, adhering to relevant quality standards and protocols.

His proficiency extends to immunological techniques, including ELISA, ASC ELISPOT, IFN…§ ELISPOT, PBMC isolation, and freezing. Nasoro is involved in projects related to the assessment of low-density malaria infection among children, therapeutic efficacy surveillance, and controlled human malaria infection models.

As a member of the Biotechnology Association of Tanzania (BAT) and Biotechnology and Laboratory Sciences Association (BLSA), Nasoro is dedicated to applying and developing professional skills in Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences to contribute effectively to research. He has actively participated in various clinical trials and research projects, demonstrating his commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and methodologies in the field.