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Kassimu Edgar Kahema

Kassimu Edgar Kahema

Laboratory Assistant


Laboratory Assistant with experience in various clinical trials and biomedical research.

Kassimu Edgar Kahema is a Laboratory Assistant with a career spanning six years of experience in various clinical trials and biomedical research at IHI. He has a diverse skill set, specializing in Hematology, Helminthology, Parasitology, Microbiology, Serology, and Clinical Chemistry.

Kassimu's proficiency includes Helminthology techniques such as Baermann, Kato-Katz, and Flotac for diagnosing parasitic infections. Additionally, he performs GENE-Xpert techniques for diagnosing TB and participates in various clinical laboratory testing and analyses.

Kassimu has been actively involved in various past and current clinical trials, contributing as a Lab Technician. Some of the past projects include VAC083, HELP, DECODE, SUDOCU, Mal-Herbal, and VAC082. Presently, he is contributing to projects such as VAC078, RAB002, Ped-PQP BA/FE, STEP 2C, MSP1, and BiMVaC01. His involvement in these studies showcases his dedication to advancing healthcare through research and testing.

He was trained at the Kampala International University College in Dar es Salaam. Looking forward, Kassimu plans to increase his level of education in the medical laboratory field and aims to visit other research labs/institutes for career development.