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Maneno Edson Bavuruga

Maneno Edson Bavuruga

Research Officer


Research officer at the Environmental Health and Ecological Sciences Department (EHES)

Mr. Maneno Edson Baravuga is a research officer at the Environmental Health and Ecological Sciences Department (EHES), Ifakara Health Institute. Holding a BSc. in Biotechnology and Laboratory Sciences from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania, his expertise spans molecular biology, rats’ behavioural biology, entomology, virology, and laboratory sciences. Baravuga's keen interests lie in understanding Intervention targetable behaviors of Malaria vectors and Human as well as Genomics of infectious diseases.

Mr. Baravuga joined the Ifakara Health Institute in September 2020 under a project titled "Integrating Intervention-Targetable Behaviours of Malaria Vectors to Optimize Intervention Selection and Impact in Tanzania." The project aimed to identify drivers of heterogeneities in malaria transmission across 25 districts of mainland Tanzania. Mr. Baravuga led the field research team, managing logistics and supervising mosquito collection and data entry. He also handled sample shipment and contributed to statistical analysis and drafting manuscripts.

Currently he is involved in the Dhibiti Malaria Project, a PMI-USAID initiative aimed at improving entomology monitoring in Tanzania. This project focuses on monitoring insecticide resistance in major malaria vectors across 22 sentinel districts of mainland Tanzania, along with surveillance of the invasive malaria vector Anopheles stephensi, piloted in three regions: Dar es Salaam, Tanga, and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Mr. Baravuga is coordinating all fieldwork, engaging with local authorities, training mosquito collectors, ensuring data quality assurance, and conducting molecular and phenotypical resistance tests.

Prior to these projects, Baravuga served as a research assistant intern at the Institute of Pest Management (IPM)_SUA, studying insecticide resistance in bedbugs and researching African Giant Porched Rats' abilities in detecting substances like landmines and pathogens. He also conducted research on rift valley fever virus and Foot and mouth diseases virus in molecular virology labs at SUA. During his academic years, he conducted research projects on African swine fever virus and sustainable control of tick-borne diseases.

Mr. Baravuga's research encompasses Intervention targetable behaviors of Malaria vector and Human and Genomics of infectious diseases. He possesses extensive leadership experience, having led and coordinated teams for data collection in various projects. Currently, he leads the field data collection team in the Dhibiti malaria project and has previously led a field data collection teams in ITB project and at IPM. Throughout his academic journey, he held multiple leadership positions, demonstrating his organizational skills and dedication. Mr. Baravuga has presented his research findings in numerous scientific conferences and has contributed to international peer-reviewed journals with publications on Rodent-borne Zoonoses, mosquito behaviors, intervention targetable behaviors, and mosquito traps assessment.