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Caroline Novatus Njelekela

Caroline Novatus Njelekela

Assistant Field Officer


Supporting project implementation, administration, and community engagement

Caroline Novatus Njelekela, based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is an Assistant Field Officer with a rich background in project implementation, administration management, and community engagement.

Joining the Ifakara Health Institute in July 2017, Caroline worked on the Every Newborn Action Plan project as a Field Interviewer, conducting interviews with postpartum mothers. Subsequently, she served as a Field Supervisor on a calcium supplementation study for pregnant women from June 2019 to June 2023.

Graduating from Sokoine University of Agriculture in 2013 with a Bachelor of Social Science in Rural Development, Caroline embarked on her professional journey with Restless Development in 2014. There, she volunteered on the "Kijana Tungare Kazini" project, guiding university and college students on job application and interview skills. Transitioning to Unique Financial Services in 2015, Caroline served as an Assistant Administrator until May 2017.

Since July 2023, Caroline has been a Field Supervisor on the Multiple Micronutrient Supplements in Pregnancy on Moderate and Severe Maternal Anemia (MMS – MAP) Study. Her role involves supervising field activities, ensuring participant privacy, and providing support to safeguard the well-being of study participants.

Committed to continuous growth and impact in fields aligning with her skills and passions, Caroline is dedicated to ongoing learning and staying updated with industry trends. Beyond her professional endeavors, she enjoys reading novels and listening to music, finding balance in personal growth pursuits.