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Theresa Semiti Shempemba

Theresa Semiti Shempemba

Accounts Officer


Excellence in finance management

Theresa Semiti Shempemba is an Accounts Officer based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with an extensive background in finance spanning over 25 years.

Having joined the Institute in November 2011, Theresa has been an integral part of the Finance Unit, initially serving as an Accountant before transitioning to her current role as a Project Accountant in the Project Management Unit Finance Department. In this capacity, she manages project accounts within the portfolio, ensuring adherence to institutional and funder policies while handling suppliers' accounts.

Theresa's career in finance began in April 1993 at Mwananchi Engineering & Contracting Company, where she started as an Assistant Accountant. Over the years, she honed her skills in sales, marketing, and finance, culminating in roles such as Accounts Manager at Global Brands and Accounts & Customer Care Officer at Colgate Palmolive Tanzania Ltd from November 2003 to October 2011.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Delhi University, India, obtained in 1989, and has demonstrated proficiency in various computer and accounting packages, including TALLY, Omicron, SAP, and ERP.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Theresa finds joy in reading novels, listening to music, and dancing. She is committed to ensuring timely reporting to funders, prompt funds reimbursement, and monitoring expenditure to minimize budget overruns. Her dedication to closing out past projects properly and upholding institutional and funder policies reflects her commitment to the success of projects and the institution at large.