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Joseph P Mgando

Joseph P Mgando

Field Interviewer


Field Intereviewer with experience working in malaria vector research

Joseph is a field interviewer with over 10 years of experience working on malaria vectors, including mosquito rearing and conducting experiments in both field and semi-field settings. His contributions to various research activities have produced valuable data, facilitating further opportunities and grants for malaria vector control projects within the Environmental Health and Ecological Sciences department at Ifakara Health Institute.

Throughout his career, Joseph has worked on several projects under the mentorship of Ifakara senior research scientists, such as Dr. Sarah Moore and Dr. Fredros Okumu. His project portfolio includes work on Partial Repellent, Environmental Health, PPMC, MIRS, IFA, and the role of District Entomologist.

Joseph is dedicated to expanding his expertise in malaria vector control and aims to contribute to improving the health of the Tanzanian community.