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Malaria Forum 2024

“Malaria-Free Future: Integrated Strategies for Malaria Elimination"

30 April 2024 - White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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30 April 2024


White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Dr Emmanuel Kaindoa, and others



About the event

Ifakara Health Institute in collaboration with the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) and Zanzibar Malaria Elimination Program (ZAMEP) have organized a forum to discuss the successes and challenges in the fight against malaria in Tanzania. This one-day forum aims to bring together key stakeholders, including representatives of government ministries, research regulatory bodies, research and academic institutions, investors, innovators, and other relevant entities, to engage in discussions and collaborative efforts toward the goal of eliminating malaria. The forum will provide a platform for sharing insights, experiences, and best practices in malaria control and elimination.



Our Speakers

Dr Samson Kiware-Key Speaker
Dr Samson Kiware Key Speaker @Ifakara Health Institute

Dr. Samson Kiware is a Principal Research Scientist at Ifakara Health Institute, where he leads the Advanced Statistics & Mathematical Modelling Unit. Additionally, he holds courtesy appointments as a Research Assistant Professor at Marquette University and Adjunct Professor at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST). Dr. Kiware’s expertise includes infectious diseases modelling and machine learning algorithms with applications to infectious diseases primarily malaria. He actively engages in disease modeling and oversees extensive field research in malaria surveillance, vector control, and other public health areas. His projects, supported by organizations like USAID, Gates Foundation, and Wellcome Trust, reflect his commitment to impactful research.

Dr Said Jongo-Key Speaker
Dr Said Jongo Key Speaker @Ifakara Health Institute

Dr Said Jongo is a seasoned physician and senior clinical research scientist at the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), renowned for his comprehensive expertise spanning from diagnosis and treatment to advanced clinical research and trial management. His work's primary focus lies in conducting high-quality clinical trials addressing prevalent public health concerns, particularly malaria and non-communicable diseases. Dr. Jongo's pivotal role in clinical study design and execution for the Bagamoyo group has significantly contributed to assessing the safety and efficacy of drugs and vaccines for malaria and other neglected tropical diseases.

Dr Deus Ishengoma-Key Speaker
Dr Deus Ishengoma Key Speaker @The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR)

Dr Deus Ishengoma is a medical researcher, serving as Principal Research Scientist, Acting Director, and Laboratory Head at the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR). Since joining NIMR in 2003, Dr Ishengoma has been instrumental in establishing a molecular biology laboratory at the Tanga Centre in 2006, along with field sites for clinical trials focusing on various interventions. With a strong emphasis on malaria research, Dr Ishengoma's team has executed over eight antimalarial trials, coupled with extensive field and laboratory studies across Tanzania.

Dr Grace Mwangoka-Key Speaker
Dr Grace Mwangoka Key Speaker @Ifakara Health Institute

Dr Grace Mwangoka is a distinguished Senior Research Scientist, whose career spans various leadership roles and significant contributions to biomedical research. From 2014 to 2016, Dr Grace served as a Thematic Group Leader for the Biomedical Thematic Group. Previously, she held pivotal positions such as Head of Ifakara Health Institute Laboratories (2013-2014) and Ifakara Health Institute-Bagamoyo Branch Site Scientific Advisor (2012-2014).

Dr Ally Olotu-Key Speaker
Dr Ally Olotu Key Speaker @Ifakara Health Institute

Dr. Ally Olotu is a Senior Scientist renowned for his expertise in infectious disease epidemiology and immunology. He is currently serving as the Director of Science at Ifakara Health Institute since October 2023. Dr. Olotu is also a distinguished Senior European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) fellow. Over the past 14 years, Dr Olotu's research has significantly contributed to the understanding of malaria epidemiology and naturally acquired immunity. His work has provided valuable insights into the safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of malaria vaccine candidates in endemic populations.

Dr Mwaka Kakolwa-Key Speaker
Dr Mwaka Kakolwa Key Speaker @Ifakara Health Institute

Dr Mwaka Kakolwa is a Research Scientist serving as the Deputy Chief of Party for the PMI/USAID-funded Shinda Malaria program, a collaborative initiative implemented by Ifakara Health Institute and partners. With over a decade of experience carrying out malaria clinical trials and observational epidemiological studies, her research interests lie in malaria drug trials, as well as malaria in pregnancy (MiP) and children.

Dr Emmanuel Kaindoa-Key Speaker
Dr Emmanuel Kaindoa Key Speaker @Ifakara Health Institute

Dr Emmanuel Kaindoa is a distinguished researcher and academic who has dedicated his career to advancing the field of vector biology. He is currently serving as the Head of the Environmental Health and Ecological Sciences (EHES) Department at Ifakara Health Institute. With a career marked by notable achievements and academic contributions, Dr. Kaindoa has dedicated himself to the advancement of public health. He began his professional journey as a research officer at Ifakara Health Institute in 2011 and swiftly ascended the ranks to Deputy Head of the EHES department in 2016 and later assumed the role of Head in December 2022.

Dr Honorati Masanja-Key Speaker
Dr Honorati Masanja Key Speaker @Ifakara Health Institute

Dr Honorati Masanja is the sitting Chief Executive Director at Ifakara Health Institute. He is esteemed for his expertise in the field of public health, particularly in statistics and epidemiology including extensive experience in data management, clinical trials, design, and evaluation of large maternal and child health programs. Over the last 25 years, Dr. Masanja has played a pivotal role in shaping Tanzania's health landscape. Since joining IHI in 1992, he has spearheaded the acquisition and implementation of various national and regional projects that continue to strengthen the country’s health system.

Dr Dunstan Bishanga-Facilitator
Dr Dunstan Bishanga Facilitator @Ifakara Health Institute

Dr Dunstan Bishanga serves as the Chief of Party for the PMI SHINDA (DEFEAT) MALARIA program, a collaborative initiative implemented by Ifakara Health Institute and partners. With over ten years of specialized experience in service delivery and management, he provides strategic guidance, and technical and management leadership to the Project

Dr Zawadi Mageni Mboma-Facilitator
Dr Zawadi Mageni Mboma Facilitator @Ifakara Health Institute

Dr Zawadi Mageni Mboma holds the position of Senior Grants & Contracts Officer at Ifakara Health Institute. In addition to her role as a Research Scientist, she investigates the complex interactions between humans and the environment, analyzing the spatial-temporal patterns of disease occurrence. Utilizing strategic planning, she prioritizes efforts to fight and eradicate diseases.

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